A busy day where students …..and staff had to do work !!!! ….but they are having a lovely time. The students cleaned out the bar area. Each one given a job and they were encouraged to problem solve as they completed the task. The staff were really pleased with all of them. After this they had a break and they cooked their own puddings – pancakes (gluten free and made with rice milk). Everyone had a go. Sunny whisked the batter really well and for a long period of time to get rid of the lumps. They had them with oranges – not quite what Ian was used to but he says it made a change from lemon. School staff thought long and hard about if there was a student who stood out above all…but everyone chipped in brilliantly. In truth it would simply be unfair to single anyone person out. Each had their own challenges. Each had their own successes. The staff are really proud of all the students both individually and as a group. It sounds like they are all having a good time and having lots of fun!!