On Sunday morning a small group of students and staff left St Albans station on the start of their residential trip to Belgium as part of our Erasmus project. On arrival at St Pancras the group had something to eat before boarding the Eurostar to Belgium. They arrived safely and settled into their accommodation after doing a little bit of food shopping at the supermarket on the way. We hear that Edith enjoyed being on the Eurostar  and Alina enjoyed a Belgian waffle.

Today the group have visited our partner school and explored the town of Andenne. Sonny enjoyed working within a group to match pictures to places. Rosie enjoyed going to a cafe to  order a hot chocolate and exploring landmarks in the town of Andenne. Felix enjoyed going to the partner school and working in a group to find pictures of landmarks we would see. They have all enjoyed getting to know new friends and answering questions about themselves. A great day has been had by all. Tomorrow the group are going to explore ‘Namur’ which should be a lovely day.