On Thursday 6th July, most of class 3 stayed at school for a sleepover. A great opportunity for them to experience a ‘slumber party’ with their friends and also as a first step towards preparing them for respite, holidays and residentials in their future; providing a familiar and safe environment to spend their first night away from home.

They enjoyed fun water activities outside, eating a meal chosen by the children and settling down to watch a film together on the big screen. It was lovely to see the children interacting and playing together and how calm and happy they all were considering it was the first time staying away from home for most. Many found it funny being in their pyjamas at school and they loved deciding where they were going to set up their bed (“Sleep next to me, I’ll sleep next to you”).

It was wonderful to see how kind the children were to each other, sharing their snacks and toys with each other and inviting each other to play or sit together (“Sleepover with friends”). Staff had prepared themselves for a long night, but by 9pm, all the children were asleep. Pleasantly surprised, staff settled down and prepared for the morning. An early start for a few of our group, but most slept in until 7am.

After breakfast and showering, we went back into class. By break time, 3 of the children were asking if we could go back to the hall to sleepover tonight (“Sleepover tonight?”) and 1 was asking if he could come to the class 4/5 sleepover next week (“Ok, so no sleepover tonight… what about sleepover on Thursday?”). A good sign that they enjoyed themselves we thought. Staff have been thoroughly impressed by Class 3 children and their positivity; they have exceeded all expectations and been such stars. Parents should be really proud of everyone who attended the dinner or sleepover. Staff really enjoyed being a part of their first sleepover… but we’ll wait until next week until we do the next one!