From the staff in Poland: A great day. All slept through the night and have eaten all 3 meals today; the food is good. First we visited the school and were put into mixed teams for a sports day like event. We ran races with various obstacles and Woodfield students did us proud by giving it their all. Sean and Gill would be so proud if they had seen our Woodfield sports stars. We then did an activity in the classroom where again, each table had a student from each country working on it. The students worked together so wonderfully, including each other’s ideas and pictures perfectly. At the farm, some students chose to groom the horses and others chose to ride. All were patient and calm with the animals and followed instructions perfectly. The evening karate show was a real treat and a visual spectacle. We cannot put into words just how proud we have been of our group, they have been a delight; motivated, engaged, excited but sensible and really shone out within the group. We are looking forward to sailing tomorrow and hoping the sunshine stays.