Another great day for the group in Poland. Today we travelled to Solina lake and were very lucky to have glorious sunshine after the weather report had forecast rain. We sailed to an island in the middle of the lake and all the students loved the boat. It was very relaxing. We had a lovely lunch in the sunshine and then went to paintball. Mejwad found it hilarious and couldn’t take his eyes off the paintballs, Panashe found it a little loud at first but got used to it quickly, Felix said it was so much fun. Rosie and Sunny were an amazing shot and hit the target nearly every time. We then sailed back to the shore and went to visit the water dam. We walked over it and Mejwad loved looking over the edge. It was a beautiful view. We did a little gift shopping and then returned to the hotel. Again the students have been amazing all day and all have said how much fun they are having. We’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow