The day started early. The boys were up fairly early but, to be fair to them, they slept right the way through the night, which was appreciated!! The morning took the group by surprise as after being promised a dry week, the first morning drizzle was a disappointment. A coach took the group to our local link school and they were greeted, in the corridor, by two rows of children singing to them and the other school groups (a Polish and a Romanian group). They then settled down and the Head, Yan, took them through some French and English. It was good to see how well the pupils coped as it was really cramped and hot!! One needed a break and quick run in the cool drizzle did wonders! They were then offered waffles, which were appreciated. There was a tour of another school and they did some running in the sports hall. Everyone enjoyed that part in particular and it was great to see some pupils mixing with the other schools.

After lunch, which was pumpkin soup along with some bread and cheese they did a fact finding activity which involved walking around Sailles (the local village). The map wasn’t easy to follow but 3 of the Belgium children acted as guides and our group decided to use Google translation and asked for various localities, which were found with relative ease once they ignored the maps. Our group were pleased that they completed the puzzle first! An unexpected surprise was announced midway through the afternoon when they were invited to the town hall for a reception. The staff said how fantastic everyone was. A reasonable amount of talking (in French) and they all watched patiently.

The evening took its usual course. A couple of the boys played a version of pool and constructed some unusual tunes on the piano. Sometimes quiet; often loud. It was enjoyable. The remaining pupils were quite content to either interact with the others or stick to their own activities and find their own space. A proud day for them all.