The pupils slept really well throughout the night – again, most welcome by the staff! The day started on a confusing note for Ian as his watch seemed to rest itself so he thought he was woken at 6 a.m. by one of the boys….. but it turned out to be 7 a.m!! …so they all got up.

At 9 a.m. they left for the Computer Museum – it was in a converted sports hall. A nice elderly man took them around the first part. Some of things he told them were a bit difficult to understand but everyone was fantastic and tried ever so hard to stay with him. Some needed small breaks, which was fine. There were so many buttons to press but they weren’t allowed to touch anything ….. but sometimes the temptation became too much!! After this, they were with another curator who took them through a graphics workshop from years ago. They were amazed to learn that many machines that took up a large room were now replaced by a computer and a printer.

When the museum tour was finished they were taken to Nemur. Here they had lunch in a slightly brisk cold wind. After a few bites they abandoned that and found refuge in a local cafe. They bought drinks there and had their packed lunch. They were then given a task to take 10 interesting and funny photos. With the cold wind, they weren’t so keen on going to town but concentrated on finding things that were interesting. Sometimes one of them (generally Ian) would strike a pose and that seemed to amuse their Belgian hosts. Everyone was absolutely fantastic and the staff continued to be so proud and impressed with the efforts of the pupils.

Towards the end of the afternoon they were invited to a ‘laser tag’ event which some took part in whilst others chatted about the day, did some colouring and generally relaxed. It was a nice end to the day’s activity.  In the evening, they had carrot soup, a fish and rice dish, with a peculiar (though very tasty) green goop! …they think it was a spinach and potato mash. The meal was delicious. It has been lovely how well our pupils are integrating with those from both Romania and Poland.

Tomorrow is a slightly later start, at 10am. What an interesting day that promises to be and you’ll be kept posted!