Everyone slept amazingly well again – right through the night, though they were all quite pleased to have a lay in for an hour this morning. The morning started at a local print works, called Fablab. Ian thought it meant ‘fabulous lab’, but it turned out to mean ‘fabrication lab’!! The group were really interested in this. They explored some items made, such as a dice, a skull and a map of Belgium from a 3D printer and also some from a laser cutter. It certainly grabbed their attention. It also worried them as it cost 60,000 – certainly more than the budget of this trip!!… Impeccable is the word to use for the pupils, as ever. When things were too busy or too noisy, they opted to go out for periods of time and still remained focused.

They then headed into Andenne central and decided to look for a waffle shop – Belgium is the home of waffles. They tried, in vain yesterday, but today they made the discovery which solved that mystery – waffles has a different word in Belgium – gaufre! Very quickly they found the right shop and made their choices… they had waffles plain, with chocolate or with banana and chantilly cream. Everyone tried something. Soon after it was lunch and they ate that too! The hosts in Belgium have been fabulous and have tried really hard to ensure that they provide food that everyone could eat, and eat it they have done!

Once lunch was finished, they were taken to a sports ground which served as a hub for them to explore Andenne and find out answers to questions. They used tablets and maps. Ian ‘cheated’ a bit and resorted to Google maps!! They managed to find 3 out of 5 answers but ran out of time. They enjoyed walking around and finding some of the interesting things about the country. The group interacted really well and displayed excellent road safety awareness. They got back in the nick of time as it started to drizzle.