Everyone got up, got prepared for the day and had their fill of breakfast. They were prepared for the trip to Brussels and were looking forward to this and were quite excited when on their way. There was a short walk to the complex where the museum was. It was a museum about European history leading towards the EU. From the pupils’ point of view, it was an interesting opportunity to explore technology and interact with movies and photos. They really enjoyed putting on the ear pieces and finding the symbols which triggered events. For Chrissy and Ian it provided an opportunity to reminisce about the eighties!! They had lunch in the complex and the group enjoyed the warm surroundings.

In the afternoon they were taken around Brussels. They visited an early version of a shopping mall (gallery) where some bought some chocolates. After this they then went to a town square and were amazed to find such beauty. Everyone was in awe with the gold encrusted buildings and the tall architecture. After a chance to explore the area they were then taken to the infamous statue of the weeing boy.

The week has been one of discovery and learning. The amount of independence and general brilliance has been astounding. The group has consistently, and without exception, been amazing ambassadors. They’ve mixed with others, been amazingly brave and grown in stature. Everyone connected with the pupils should be proud; the school community as a whole is proud.

Tomorrow is going to be a long one for the group. They are being picked up at 7:30 for their journey home. Everyone is looking forward to being back with family. A huge thank you to the staff who have given up their time to support the pupils on this residential. I’m sure staff and pupils alike will be ready for their half term break.