Today a small group of students and staff left school at the scheduled time and started on their way to Foxes Academy in Minehead. It was a great start and everyone said bye to Woodfield with a sense of anticipation of the journey ahead of them.

Halfway through the journey they stopped at a MacDonald’s and everyone, with varying degrees of support, managed to order their own feast. The staff there were fantastic and they cannot be commended enough for working hard with our students and giving them time.

The group arrived late afternoon. The sky was murky. It was cold. They were all excited. Waiting in the newly refurbished bar, they had a drink and waited patiently for their rooms. This was a smooth process and everyone carried their own luggage into their rooms and sorted out beds themselves. The weather turned at this point and there was hail and heavy rain.

Suddenly there was a gap in the weather and they went for a walk down the promenade. As they reached the harbour, the rain returned. With few options, they headed into the local pub and had fruit juices!! It was warm. It was welcoming. It was a haven from the storm. They were acutely aware that dinner was ready at 6:00 and, as luck would have it, another gap appeared in the weather and they completed the 10 minute walk back to the hotel. For dinner there were choices for each course and these were made. The staff at Foxes were kind enough to make sausages for one of the group and these were devoured heartily, just as everyone else did with their meals. It very was all too much for Ian and he opted out of pudding!!

Today has been a reminder to everyone how wonderfully capable our students are. With the right preparation, so much can be achieved. The staff are so proud of them all.