A message from the group at Foxes:

It has been a busy and fantastic day. The day started at 7:30. Everyone was up and ready so quickly and the levels of independence continue to impress. Breakfast was different for some – it was a buffet – and everyone enjoyed what was offered.

In the morning, after a very short break, we all cleaned out our rooms. Again it was impressive how independent everyone was and how confident too. It was especially great to see how those new to the experience adapted so well. We listened to Helen who works at Foxes and explained what the tasks were to involve. It was interesting to note that things had changed a bit from previous years as they were learning from their own contacts and experiences from working with other hotels and their work experiences.

We took advantage of a break until the afternoon session to delve into deepest Minehead. Everyone was given the opportunity to get a souvenir. After lunch in a local eatery, we wandered down to the seafront and looked into the penny arcades. It was a fantastic experience for our pupils to be involved in. As it was off season it wasn’t busy and everyone had the chance to look around without the pressures of crowds. It was lovely to see the students brave enough to have a go.

In the afternoon we dressed into uniforms and were split into 2 pairs – one pair started off with food preparation and the other with food service (setting tables). It is no exaggeration to say how impressive the students were. The theme of the day was independence (and this continued) but it was also lovely to see a lot of problem solving going on. The 2 groups swapped over after about half an hour.

For dinner, we ate with the staff. The students sat with peers from Foxes and it was fantastic to see a lot of socialising going on between the groups.

To say that we are proud of the group would be an understatement. We have had high expectations and they’ve been exceeded on so many levels.

We only have one more overnight left and will spend most of the day coming back. There are so many memories already and we look forward to going back to Woodfield bursting with pride.