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A great last day. We had a farewell meet together with the Polish head teacher and all schools where we were presented with gift bags. We then went to the special needs school which was lovely. It was nice to see how they prioritise life skills and the cooking department was very effective. There was a well equipped gym and we enjoyed trying out the different machines and exercises. We played some team games such as tug of war and relay races before leaving for a nice meal. It has truly been a wonderful experience for all involved and Woodfield staff and students really have been a credit to the school. Now for the journey home and a well deserved restful half term.


Today we went to an activity village and a young man with Autism from the local special needs school joined us which was lovely. We started by making our own magnets and everyone enjoyed painting them. We then took part in some physical activity games over a series of bouncy castles which was great fun, all the teams enjoyed mixing together for that. We visited a mirror museum which was interactive and fun. We then all made some gingerbread biscuits together which we were able to sample. We can’t believe this is our last night already but we are looking forward to visiting the special needs school tomorrow.




Today we had a guided tour round the botanical gardens; the tour itself was not as dynamic as we are used to at Woodfield so we made our own fun by going on a lizard hunt. It was a very hot day and I don’t think we’ve ever drunk so much water but fun was had by all. The activity was concluded with a plant maze and the first team to find their way out of the maze won. Woodfield students, with their life skills and good sense of direction, of course won and found their way out of the maze efficiently. We then participated in an art activity to recreate some of the scenes we had seen in the day. The students created some beautiful pictures and Felix recreated the maze as he had enjoyed it so much. We then had a lovely meal at a fancy restaurant and all plates were cleared… we had clearly built up an appetite! Looking forward to tomorrow’s events. 

Another great day for the group in Poland. Today we travelled to Solina lake and were very lucky to have glorious sunshine after the weather report had forecast rain. We sailed to an island in the middle of the lake and all the students loved the boat. It was very relaxing. We had a lovely lunch in the sunshine and then went to paintball. Mejwad found it hilarious and couldn’t take his eyes off the paintballs, Panashe found it a little loud at first but got used to it quickly, Felix said it was so much fun. Rosie and Sunny were an amazing shot and hit the target nearly every time. We then sailed back to the shore and went to visit the water dam. We walked over it and Mejwad loved looking over the edge. It was a beautiful view. We did a little gift shopping and then returned to the hotel. Again the students have been amazing all day and all have said how much fun they are having. We’re looking forward to another great day tomorrow



From the staff in Poland: A great day. All slept through the night and have eaten all 3 meals today; the food is good. First we visited the school and were put into mixed teams for a sports day like event. We ran races with various obstacles and Woodfield students did us proud by giving it their all. Sean and Gill would be so proud if they had seen our Woodfield sports stars. We then did an activity in the classroom where again, each table had a student from each country working on it. The students worked together so wonderfully, including each other’s ideas and pictures perfectly. At the farm, some students chose to groom the horses and others chose to ride. All were patient and calm with the animals and followed instructions perfectly. The evening karate show was a real treat and a visual spectacle. We cannot put into words just how proud we have been of our group, they have been a delight; motivated, engaged, excited but sensible and really shone out within the group. We are looking forward to sailing tomorrow and hoping the sunshine stays. 



After a great flight, the group had an hour drive to the hotel. They dropped their bags off and went to a lovely local restaurant where everyone enjoyed the food. They’ve explored the local area a little and are lucky that they are very close to local shops and amenities. Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to visiting our partner school tomorrow.


Tomorrow we have a Gruffalo themed day in school to mark the official opening of our new library. A huge thank you to Oddy Cooper, a local interior designer from Aldenham, who volunteered her time to support preparations for our Gruffalo day. Oddy and her team of 3 volunteers came in to school today and spent the morning transforming our hall into a deep dark wood. It looks amazing …the children will love it. Thank you also to all the parents and staff who have worked hard helping with the organisation and preparations for the day. It promises to be a fab day of Gruffalo themed activities.


During the week before half term we held our second annual Apple Festival. We had lots of fun exploring apples and learning all about them.  Some of us found the apples in The Dell and made models with them.  We tried out some apple recipes including a delicious apple strudel.  We used an apple press to make some juice and created lots of lovely apple art. A fun week was had by all.


The group in Romania had a lovely day today at the salt mine – quite an impressive underground system. Everyone’s had a great time but are looking forward to getting home for a meal without cabbage in!! They are getting picked up at 5.00am tomorrow (3.00am UK time) to go to the airport for their flight back, so hopefully they all had an early night tonight.

The group in Romania have had a fantastic day today visiting Dracula’s castle in Transylvania and visiting Brasov. It looks like the weather was really good.