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Erasmus trip to Romania

On Sunday 15th October a small group of students and staff left Luton airport on a Wizz Air flight to Cluj Napoca airport in Romania at the start of their week long Erasmus trip. They had a good flight and onward trip to their accommodation in Balan. After settling in to their rooms they had dinner before getting a good night’s sleep ready for a full day of activities the next day. Everyone enjoyed being at the school on Monday and all joined in excitedly with physical activities such as the Kangaroo Jump and trampoline aerobics. Felix said, “I’m excited to be with friends at school” and Owais has clearly made lots of friends as they keep seeking him out to say hello or sit with him on the bus. Rosie made some friends whilst doing the Kangaroo Jump and they helped each other with the activity. On Tuesday the group went swimming in the Olympic pool which was fantastic and Panashe chose to get into the big pool! They then stopped in town for a bite to eat before going off to a clay pottery. The day finished with Zumba before dinner and then early to bed for a good night’s sleep as all were exhausted. Dracula’s castle tomorrow which everyone is very excited about.


Sausage Sizzle

On Sunday 9th July we ran the Sausage Sizzle stand outside Bunnings Warehouse in Hemel to raise some funds towards our new library. It was a lovely day where staff and parents barbecued sausages and served them in the Australian way!!! Customers at Bunnings Warehouse in Apsley were very generous in their support and the weather helped to make this a very successful event. A huge thank you to the staff and parents who came and helped during the day and everyone who supported. We raised a fantastic £420.

Class 3 Sleepover

On Thursday 6th July, most of class 3 stayed at school for a sleepover. A great opportunity for them to experience a ‘slumber party’ with their friends and also as a first step towards preparing them for respite, holidays and residentials in their future; providing a familiar and safe environment to spend their first night away from home.

They enjoyed fun water activities outside, eating a meal chosen by the children and settling down to watch a film together on the big screen. It was lovely to see the children interacting and playing together and how calm and happy they all were considering it was the first time staying away from home for most. Many found it funny being in their pyjamas at school and they loved deciding where they were going to set up their bed (“Sleep next to me, I’ll sleep next to you”).

It was wonderful to see how kind the children were to each other, sharing their snacks and toys with each other and inviting each other to play or sit together (“Sleepover with friends”). Staff had prepared themselves for a long night, but by 9pm, all the children were asleep. Pleasantly surprised, staff settled down and prepared for the morning. An early start for a few of our group, but most slept in until 7am.

After breakfast and showering, we went back into class. By break time, 3 of the children were asking if we could go back to the hall to sleepover tonight (“Sleepover tonight?”) and 1 was asking if he could come to the class 4/5 sleepover next week (“Ok, so no sleepover tonight… what about sleepover on Thursday?”). A good sign that they enjoyed themselves we thought. Staff have been thoroughly impressed by Class 3 children and their positivity; they have exceeded all expectations and been such stars. Parents should be really proud of everyone who attended the dinner or sleepover. Staff really enjoyed being a part of their first sleepover… but we’ll wait until next week until we do the next one!

Primary Panathlon

On Wednesday 7th June a group of primary pupils attended the Primary Panathlon event held at Wodson Park, Ware. The group had a fantastic day taking part in a variety of sports such as Boccia, Polybat and Table Cricket and at the end there were some races. We finished the day in a very competitive 5th place.  A huge well done and thank you to all involved.

Tuesday in Belgium

On Tuesday the group spent the day in and around Nemur. In the morning they went to the Citadel. Most went on a ‘train’ ride around the complex and saw some wonderful views. There was lots of enjoyment. After this, everyone went to the exhibition inside. It was a wonderfully thought out place and everyone had fun, especially standing on the glass floor above a well. Felix, in particular, was very brave and eventually stood on this. They had lunch in the grounds and saw some great views. They all had a relaxing time.

After being driven to the centre of Nemur itself, most of the group went on a tour around the town centre and saw some lovely sites. They worked with Romanian students and took pictures of various buildings. Finally, in Nemur, they had a traditional Belgian meal of waffles and crepes smothered in chocolate. It sounds like they are all having a fab time!!

Erasmus Project Residential in Belgium

On Sunday morning a small group of students and staff left St Albans station on the start of their residential trip to Belgium as part of our Erasmus project. On arrival at St Pancras the group had something to eat before boarding the Eurostar to Belgium. They arrived safely and settled into their accommodation after doing a little bit of food shopping at the supermarket on the way. We hear that Edith enjoyed being on the Eurostar  and Alina enjoyed a Belgian waffle.

Today the group have visited our partner school and explored the town of Andenne. Sonny enjoyed working within a group to match pictures to places. Rosie enjoyed going to a cafe to  order a hot chocolate and exploring landmarks in the town of Andenne. Felix enjoyed going to the partner school and working in a group to find pictures of landmarks we would see. They have all enjoyed getting to know new friends and answering questions about themselves. A great day has been had by all. Tomorrow the group are going to explore ‘Namur’ which should be a lovely day.

Class 4 Catching Words Project – Week 2

What a great second session visit from the ‘Story builders’ Tania and Jonathan. As part of our ‘Catching words project’ this week Class 4 listened to a lively poem and songs about a hamster, which really caught the children’s imagination. Children enjoyed meeting the hamster that interacted with them. In response to the poem all of the children explored ‘nice things’ and ‘disgusting things’. The children were responding to the objects and some were able to use adjectives to describe the objects. Pupils communicated words like ‘yuck’ or ‘smelly’ and ‘cute’. Class 4 then went on to choose a nice or disgusting hamster, some drew pictures and talked about their hamsters. We finished our session with songs bringing all our ideas and learning together. We are really looking forward to our next session on Thursday; we will continue to keep you posted about our project!

Post 16 residential – day 2

A busy day where students …..and staff had to do work !!!! ….but they are having a lovely time. The students cleaned out the bar area. Each one given a job and they were encouraged to problem solve as they completed the task. The staff were really pleased with all of them. After this they had a break and they cooked their own puddings – pancakes (gluten free and made with rice milk). Everyone had a go. Sunny whisked the batter really well and for a long period of time to get rid of the lumps. They had them with oranges – not quite what Ian was used to but he says it made a change from lemon. School staff thought long and hard about if there was a student who stood out above all…but everyone chipped in brilliantly. In truth it would simply be unfair to single anyone person out. Each had their own challenges. Each had their own successes. The staff are really proud of all the students both individually and as a group. It sounds like they are all having a good time and having lots of fun!!




Post 16 at Foxes Academy – 1st night dinner

Everyone had a hearty meal for their first night dinner at the hotel. No one has ever seen Alex eat so much! The portions are huge!!! The waiters and waitresses were lovely too.  Took a while for the students to go to sleep (12:30, I gather) but nothing unusual for the first night of a residential!!

Post 16 Residential at Foxes Academy

A small group of Post 16 students left school this morning and headed off for 3 days at Foxes Academy in Minehead, a hotel run by students with learning difficulties. Ian, Chrissy, Sheena and Sarah have accompanied the group. After a long journey they arrived safely, unloaded the minibus and then everyone found their rooms. The hotel staff were really welcoming and gave everyone a drink as they organised themselves before finding rooms – everyone seemed happy with their accommodation. Unfortunately Alex wasn’t too impressed with his sea front view and closed the curtains by his bed immediately!! Of top priority was accessing Wi-Fi!! ….. and once this was accomplished all opted to unwind with various degrees of bedding! After dinner the group were going for a walk along the windswept sea front. Ian says ‘it looks absolutely amazing here’.